Take Flight at the End of Autumn

By Anthony Slater

On a day with a dark grey sky and flakes of snow filtering through the wild air, the people almost forgot it was the first day of spring. Few people now can truly feel the shift. It was once undeniable, how the cold grasp of Winter would loosen ever so slightly to let Life flourish again. No one was there to see the last leaf fall, signalling the beginning of the Frozen Siege. And too many were huddled together, blinded by the frost, to see the first flower bloom once the siege was lifted. The rotation of the seasons proved far too inconsequential for people to recognize. It seemed to all meld together, either into an endless summer or a perpetual winter with little variation. Yet, on oath to Life herself, and to wherever she graces the land with her spirit, on this oath and on so many others yet unrealized, the seasons change.

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