A Ghost Story

By Greg Miraglia

I headed back down the hallway to the living-room. I felt warm and light-headed, but I was a regular wine drinker, so I thought nothing of it. I straightened the pillows on the couch. I considered getting out the vacuum, but I wasn’t in the mood for loud noises.
I sat down on the couch and opened a drawer from the coffee table. I pulled out a book. The man on the cover was holding a bloody knife behind his back. The title sounded like a B-horror flick, so it had to be good. I opened the cover and engrossed myself. My glass was missing at this point, I’m not sure where I had left it, so I took regular swigs from the bottle as I read the book.
Part way into this story about a ghost possessing people, the lights flickered. It spooked me, but I swallowed my fear and kept reading.

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