The House Inside My Head

By Dylan Grove

This is my house... The whole structure seems to shake and vibrate, even warp. No matter how long you look at it, you never really get a sense of its shape; it’s like looking through a heat haze in the desert. There are lights visible inside, but they flicker erratically, and there’s an ominous black smoke rising from the chimney stack... In the kitchen is a gruesome sight. As your eyes accustom to its darkness, you see the walls are smeared and stained with blood. A pungent stench assaults you as you step through the threshold, and you quickly notice the bodies. Dead and sometimes mutilated, they hang from the ceiling, and dismembered parts decorate the walls like macabre knickknacks... In the master bedroom, you meet Pride. You look at him, and he briefly becomes see-through, as if he weren’t really there. His form soon returns, though, and despite being conspicuously unclothed, he immediately begins to blabber to you about how nice a room he has.

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