By Raul de la Espriella

Snow filled the ravine and hills of an unknown land. The snow was starting to melt on its surface. Corners of rocks were dripping onto exposed rocks that were also melted by the drops since the sun came up hours earlier. Three hunters approached the river in front of the small hill that made up the ravine.
From the top of the hill thirty yards away, paws of an all-white huge furry animal emerged from behind a snow-capped hill, followed by shoulders and a giant, beastly head. Once the animal had a secure footing up the hill, it trotted towards the water in front of them, on the other side of this small end of the river. Its trotting was more of a waddle, as it was obvious that this huge animal carried a ton of weight. He did not see them, as they crouched down in the snow, covered in white animal skin.
As the giant animal made it to the water, it dove right in, with no regard to the icy conditions of the water that would kill any human in minutes. The animal stopped mid river and looked down in the water as if it was looking through it. The huge animal appeared animated as it saw fish jumping out of the water, trying to get upstream. The animal spent the next ten minutes trying to catch one in his mouth unsuccessfully. The fish, disregarding the fact that they were being hunted, continued to jump, trying to get upstream.
The three hunters slowly stood, showing that their fur skin was identical to the bear’s. After getting within a comfortable distance, they took out spears from their hide, pulled back their arms behind their bodies, ready to throw. The beast turned his head to look up seeing the figures. One of the figures lost his fur and now the beast could now see a man. Still in the river, but now only twenty feet from the men, the beast got on its hind legs, exposing his monstrous size, opened his mouth and let out a piercingly loud scream only a beast can do, that startled the three men, sending them pedaling a few feet back.
The beast somewhat slowly, yet attentively looking at the three men with fury, lowered itself back down to its fours, ready to attack. The men shaking with fear, prepped their spears by anchoring them on the ground with the tip angled towards the giant. The men lowered themselves into a defensive position, as the giant cocked itself back, ready to pounce on the men. Just as it was getting ready to, a loud pressure, followed by an unusual noise was heard coming up the hill behind the beast.
The noise shook and parted the snow as easy as man parted wheat and shaft; the dark green grass now visible in a line, up and down the hill. The parted snow rattled unusually for such heavy amounts. The shaking made men and beast pause as it intensified and could almost be mistook by an earthquake, yet the pressure of the air and the rattling did not seem to be coming from below. Instead they seemed to be climbing further and further up the hill, almost visible to our combatants.
The sound was so overwhelming and the pressure intimidating, that the three men ran back. The beast crossed the river in their direction, but once reaching where the men just were, it took a left and headed into the wilderness in a different direction away from them.
‘Thump. Thump. thump…WOOSH! ...Thump. Thump. thump…. WOOSH!’ The snow on top of trees falling on the ground in big chunks.

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