Frequently Asked Questions

The basics:

Words for Charity provides two of the most commonly used e-reader files for our readers to download stories. If you have an Amazon Kindle device then you should select the download link for Kindle. If you have any other type of e-reader, download the Epub file. The two buttons are displayed on the main story page once you've made your donation.


We recomend using the Calibre E-book software for viewing and managing your e-books. It is available free of charge, runs on most operating systems, and connects with most modern e-reader devices. Check out the video to the right for a quick tutorial on Calibre!

Authoring Software

We strongly recomend that files being prepared for submission are in docx format. This provides the best chance for our system to render your e-book properly. We also accept submissions in rtf, txt and pdf formats. For your cover images, please only use png, jpg and gif files.

Calibre 0.6 Quickstart (Hosted by Youtube)

Donations under $1000 Dollars for each calendar year will not be provided an end of year recap. Please keep all your donation reciepts and use those for your deductions on your 1040 Form. Donations exceeding $1000 for each calendar year will have an e-mail sent to them at the conclusion of each calendar year detailing the amount donated to Words for Charity.

Yes, you can. Each story once submitted to Words for Charity has a limited amount of time on the website. Once you've donated for a story, you are entitled to download it as many time as you would like until it expires. However, once a story has expired, you may no longer have access to download the story.

Yes, we encourage all our community members to contribute their stories to Words for Charity. Once you submit a story and it is approved by our ambassadors, you will have access to great author benefits such as:

  • A recap of donation data for each story you've submitted
  • Feedback directly from your readership
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your creativity will be changing lives.

No problem! Just send us the charity name and any contact info you might have to us via e-mail at or tweet us @wordsforcharity

Send us an e-mail at with a detailed description of the problem and the time and date it occured. We will have someone look at it and get back to you soon.

At Words for Charity we receive many story submissions per day. While most of these are from people trying to be helpful and generous with their time, we also get many bogus requests. To help our busy ambassadors review submissions in a timely manner and protect our users, we ask that you validate your email address before submitting a story as well as prior to accepting gifts from other users. Please understand that your stories will not be reviewed until your e-mail address has been successfully validated.

By clicking the link that we email to you, we can verify that we have your correct email address, and can contact you if we have questions or a response to you. It also helps us to ensure that the request is not coming from an automated program that is trying to spam us with bad information.

Sorry that we have to include this extra step when you are trying to help us, but this serves to help ensure the quality and performance of the Words for Charity site. Please be assured that we will never give your email address to any third party. For more information, read our privacy policy.