Publish for Charity

Publish for Charity

The mission of Publish for Charity is to promote individual creativity for the purpose of raising money & awareness for charities that improve the social fabric.

Our journey begins with where we offer readers the pleasure of new content from fresh voices. With we feel that if you can run, bike or walk for a good cause, why not read or write for one.

Writers donate their works, pick their favorite charity and then readers donate for the story and not only receive a great story but the satisfaction of knowing that are helping a cause close to the hearts of the author.

How do we know the stories will be great? Because we have a team of volunteer ambassadors who read every story before they are published, if a story is not of the quality that meets our rubric, it does not get published.

Our readers can be assured that our content will be fresh, interesting and of the highest quality available.

In addition to raising money for our charity partners, Publish for Charity raises money for our own causes, like reading & writing programs scholarships and workshops.